Knight Patrol on Zello

 If you have not yet installed Zello on your smart phone or computer, you must do so as soon as possible. You're missing out on tons of fun. There are currently 165 Kp members using  Zello. We have a live chat forum open 24 hours a day. Go to the App store on your mobile device (or  =-> for the PC version) and download the application. It is absolutely FREE and extremely easy to set up. When creating a new account, please use your Kp call sign for your user name.
After installation add the channel =-> kpdx11. We'll all be there waiting for you. We also have a private KP channel =-> KPDX .  (see your last Kp newsletter for the required password) If you're not familiar with downloading and installing programs, you should get someone to help you. It's important that you have Zello in place before the conditions disappear in 2016. Don't miss out on the fun.

 Knight Patrol on FaceBook  =->     "Pirate Radio 27MHz"
 If you like to socialize and keep connected to other 11 Mtr operators check out "Pirate Radio 27MHz"  on FaceBook. I started the group with just a handful of Kp members in February 2011 and as of 6 February 2015, we have over 1800 operators from all over the world keeping the forum active day and night. We share stories, photos, videos and many interesting links. Many find it somewhat addicting. Hi Hi.