WARNING:     Kp Dx Group is not a 'NORMAL' DX GROUP.

(A) We do not conduct special activations, special events or world contests.,

(B) We are a very very very small Internet Social Group.
     Everyone knows everyone else so we do not use country prefixes.

For Dx groups having many members in RARE Dxcc most wanted countries, very special activations (with PROOFS), hundreds of very special events, and thousands of interesting and very beautiful QSL cards from all over the world, PLUS up to date "Black List" informations and complete Dx "Starter Packages" (100 Personalized QSL cards + directory), these are the VERY best  Dx Groups in the world.    
Click here  www.alfatango.org   or  www.sugar-delta.org or  Echo Tango Dx Group

Or... you can get your call sign online NOW.
*New online call sign generator / Great Dx Group 
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We are a unique Group of Extraordinary  Dx Men. We believe it is not WHERE you are, but rather WHO you are that makes you 'important'.

Many Dx Groups require a certain amount of countries confirmed by QSL in order to enter their group. This is their method of confirming that you are a good operator and worthy of their membership. There are no "QSL card" requirements to join Knight Patrol International. However,  FIVE (5) written recommendations from Kp Members are needed in order to join the Group.
Find a Kp member on the air, operate like a gentleman and they will be happy to send email in your behalf.

You will appreciate this policy once you have been accepted as a member.